most runs in a test match by both teams

Highest total or score by a team in test match is made by
Sri Lanka = 952 for 6 declared against India at Premadasa stadium in Colombo, back in August 1997..
Batting first, Indians had declared at 537 for 8 wkts, thinking they'll put pressure on home team to dismiss then twice but Sanath Jayasuriya (340 off 578 balls) and Roshan Mahanama (225 off 561 balls) made them chase leather for almost two days, putting up 576 runs which is still the test partnership record for second wicket and only second over 500 run stand, ever, by any team.
Arvinda de Silva nailed in another century (126) on day 5 and both captains agreed to call off the match as draw.
903 for 7 declared by England against Australia at The Oval is the only other time a team has scored over 900 runs in an innings.. opener Len Hutton scored 364 while Maurice Leyland contributed 187 runs, Joe Hardstaff 169 and 53 from Arthur Woods. Chuck Fleetwood Smith conceded 298 runs in his 87 overs which is still the most by a bowler in an innings!
England won the match by an innings and 579 runs, the biggest victory by any team against anyone till date.
849 allout by England is the only total in 800s, made in a timeless test match at Sabina Park in Jamaica against West Indies back in year 1930. Opener Adam Sandham made marathon 325 from 640 balls while Les Ames struck a quickfire 149 off just 174 balls. Half century contributers were Bob Wyatt (58), Patsy Hendren (61) and Jack O'Connor (51).
West Indies replied with 286 allout but instead of asking to follow-on, visitors elected to bat again, made 272 for 9 declared, setting imposing 836 for West Indies to chase to which they returned with 408 for 5 before both captains mutually agreed to call off this timeless test match.. after 9 days of play.
Highest test score by Sri Lanka = 952 for 6 wkts dec , vs India.
Highest test score by England = 903 for 7 wkts dec, vs Australia.
Highest test score by West Indies = 790 for 3 wkts dec , vs Pakistan.
Highest test score by Pakistan = 765 for 6 wkts dec , vs Sri Lanka.
Highest test score by Australia = 758 for 8 wkts dec , vs West Indies.
Highest test score by India = 759 for 7 dec , vs England.
Highest test score by South Africa = 682 for 6 wkts dec , vs England.
Highest test score by New Zealand = 690 all out , vs Pakistan.
Highest test score by Bangladesh = 638 all out , vs Sri Lanka.
Highest test score by Zimbabwe = 563 for 9 dec, vs West Indies.
Note : Following list of big team scores is limited to total in excess of 700s.
Highest team totals in test match cricket, by all teams, against all.
Team Score Overs Versus Venue Mon & Yr
Sri Lanka 952/6d 270.1 India Colombo (RPS)
Aug 1997
England 903/7d 335.2 Australia The Oval Aug 1938
England 849/10 258.2 West Indies Jamaica Apr 1930
West Indies 790/3d 208.1 Pakistan Jamaica Feb 1958
Pakistan 765/6d 248.5 Sri Lanka Karachi Feb 2009
Sri Lanka 760/7d 202.4 India A'dabad Nov 2009
India 759/7d 190.4 England Chennai Dec 2016
Australia 758/8d 245.4 West Indies Jamaica Jun 1955
Sri Lanka 756/5d 185/1 South Africa
Colombo (SSC)
Jul 2006
West Indies 751/5d 202.0 England Antigua Apr 2004
West Indies 749/9d 194.4 England Barbados Feb 2009
West Indies 747/10 235.2 South Africa Antigua Apr 2005
Australia 735/6d 146.3 Zimbabwe Perth Oct 2003
Sri Lanka 730/6d 187.5 Bangladesh Mirpur Jan 2014
Australia 729/6d 232.0 England Lord's Jun 1930
India 729/9d 163.3 Sri Lanka Mumbai (BS)
Dec 2009
Sri Lanka 713/3d 165.3 Zimbabwe Bulawayo May 2004
England 710/7d 188.1 India E'bston Aug 2011
Pakistan 708/10 220.3 England The Oval Aug 1987
India 707/10 225.2 Sri Lanka Colombo (SSC)
Jul 2010
India 705/7d 187.3 Australia Sydney Jan 2004
Australia 701/10 171.2 England The Oval Aug 1934
Pakistan 699/5 203.4 India Lahore Dec 1989

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